Our Mission Statement

Who are we?

What do we do?

Why do we do it?

How do we do it?

I feel the time is right to introduce ourselves. Our visibility is increasing from week to week and rightfully our visitors are wondering what is PeeGeePee all about. In times of ridiculously long T&c’s or User Agreements, where large companies are fooling the users with words purposed to mislead, I want to be very clear and pragmatic in our communication going forward.


A small team of IT professionals based in Cape Town, South Africa. We have a very tiny footprint which we believe makes us very agile.


What we do is very simple: we run a public (Open)PGP Key server (directly under peegeepee.com).

To simplify our mission statement we will at this point assume you know what (Open)PGP is and what a key server is. We are not actively participating with the SKS Pool and you can find alternative services similar to ours here.


PGP has found a very widespread usage nowadays. It is not only being used to encrypt (or sign) emails, but also to encrypt files and even to sign software package distribution (e.g. apt on Debian). In times of highly complex and automated build systems (= software engineering) having a fast, reliable and highly available key server is crucial. This is one of the gap we are aiming to fill and the primary reason why we launched this service.

Additionally we do not agree with the current concept of SKS and find the community quite hostile. We also think we can technically offer better features by doing our own thing. We believe the current model of running a key server is not sustainable and want to change that. Key servers are run voluntarily – they do not owe any availability and can just go offline without justification.

We also offer a web interface that breaks down the public key information, which we think is a very useful tool to inspect public keys before downloading them.


Let me be very clear here: we are running this ship for profit. There is no way we can run this type of service they way we want and need to without any source of revenue. Also to not mislead: we are generating revenue with user data, data that neither belongs to us nor was created by us. Our mission is to change this though (by sponsorships) and additionally our business model is not built for profit maximisation.

We do not collect any further data than what is available via the submitted public key. We truly believe in the “right to be forgotten” and will always allow key updates or even removals (something most key servers do not support).

Our key server is a simple PHP based web application on Google App Engine. We use Datastore as database which allows us to run the whole system highly available while minimising the costs to run & operate it.


If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us. This mission statement is subject to change, but we will make clear when and what has changed.